Food Entrepreneur DALY CITY, CALIF.  — The Every Co. plans to introduce  Every Egg to the foodservice category in 2024. The product is a liquid egg developed using precision fermentation to transform yeast into egg proteins.

“We’ve given the recipe to make egg proteins that are identical to those from chicken eggs,” said Arturo Elizondo, co-founder and chief executive officer of The Every Co. “We combine our yeast with sugar and water in a fermentation vessel. But instead of brewing beer, our yeast brews egg protein. We then separate our yeast, leaving us with a clarified broth teeming with real egg proteins. In the case of Every Egg, we add beneficial plant-based ingredients to our egg proteins to give our liquid a whole egg taste and texture.”

Every Egg has 8 grams of protein per serving and no cholesterol, saturated fat or artificial flavors, the company said.

The company launched in 2014 under the name Clara Foods and now focuses on providing ingredients to foodservice and consumer packaged goods companies.

“Our egg protein products, such as Every EggWhite, are already commercially available for food manufacturers to use as functional ingredients in their branded products, and Every Egg will be coming to more plates through foodservice in 2024,” Mr. Elizondo said.

The company’s current strategy is focused on quick-service restaurant settings, college dining and independent restaurants.

“At the same time, we are continuing to commercialize our high-performance ingredients through partners such as Alpha Foods and Grupo Nutresa, a Colombia-based consumer packaged goods company, which will use Every EggWhite as a high-performance binding ingredient,” Mr. Elizondo said. “We have many more exciting commercial partnerships with major food brands that we’ll be announcing in the new year, and product development is well underway.”

In May, The Every Co. entered into a joint development agreement with Alpha Foods, Glendale, Calif., to incorporate Every EggWhite’s into some products. Alpha Foods is a manufacturer of plant-based meat alternatives.

At foodservice, the company’s products will provide chefs with the attributes of conventional  eggs, but without product variability, food  safety or environmental issues, Mr. Elizondo said.

“We will go far and wide with our products,” he said. “Every Co.’s backers include major international food and beverage brands such as Group Bimbo, LALA, and AB InBev.”

Since launching, the company has raised more than $233 million in funding and it recently raised an oversubscribed $175 million in a Series C round, Mr. Elizondo said.

Mr. Elizondo said he believes The Every Co.’s process is simple, well-developed, and already fully scaled.

“Precision fermentation provides the perfect combination of product quality and manufacturing readiness,” he said. “Every Egg is the first precision-fermentation-derived core food product that is indistinguishable from its animal-derived equivalent. Its launch proves to the world that this food production method is uniquely capable of creating the same essential foods we all know and love, but in a more equitable and sustainable way.”

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