ST. LOUIS — AB Mauri North America has promoted sales executive Fred Elias to senior vice president of sales and technical services in the region. Mr. Elias will fill the roles of senior executives Jim Bohrer and Ron Tremayne, who both respectively led AB Mauri’s technical sales and components and are both retiring after working for the company since 2005.

Mr. Elias has been at AB Mauri for 17 years and was previously the vice president of sales for Canada and the eastern US region. Prior to joining AB Mauri in 2006, Mr. Elias held many sales and key account management positions for the US and Canada region, including positions at Puratos, Lallemand and Weston Bakeries.

“We are delighted to announce Fred’s appointment to this key role for AB Mauri,” said Brent Fenton, president of AB Mauri North America. “His understanding of the marketplace and wealth of experience will play a key role in continuing the long history of success that our business has had as a leading partner in B2B baking technology.”

Mr. Elias studied business administration at the University of Montreal.