LOS ANGELES — Health and wellness brand VUUM is launching its flagship protein beverage product.

Aimed at consumers seeking a healthy source of convenient protein and energy, the functional drink is formulated from plant protein, guarana seed and green tea extract, amino acids, magnesium and zinc. Each 12-oz can contains 10 grams of protein, 135 mgs of caffeine and no artificial ingredients.

“We weren’t satisfied with the ready-to-drink options in the energy or protein spaces, so we set out to create our better-tasting, clean combination of the two,” said Matt Forsey, co-founder of VUUM. “Our products are designed to empower anyone on their journey toward holistic well-being. We are proud to offer consumers a breakthrough new functional beverage that reimagines the concept of protein consumption and introduces a refreshing alternative to traditional protein beverages.”

VUUM’s beverage is now available online through the brand’s website, in flavors like white peach citrus ginger, berries and strawberry tangerine, with plans for retail expansion in the future.