Consumers are looking for the ideal balance of benefits and eating enjoyment, to help them feel good from the inside out. This delicious muffin has it all—with health-forward ingredients including Fibersol® prebiotic fiber, probiotics and superfoods like açai and blueberries—all baked into a delightful grab-and-go snack.

Fibersol® can be used to improve taste and texture because it helps add sweetness and body, making it an ideal drop-in solution for formulators seeking to add fiber in great-tasting bakery items. It’s easy to add ‘contains prebiotic fiber’ to your label, when you add Fibersol® to your formulation.

We give you an edge to help deliver positive nutrition to wellness-minded consumers. Fibersol® is carefully calibrated for fiber intake tolerance, supported by formulation expertise across a range of applications, and backed by 30+ years of clinical research.